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Hefei Mlush Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. is located in Mai green city and the famous Science City - China Hefei, the company with professional skills, rich experience, advanced equipment, and carefully build each product. Product is imported medical sterilization paper and imported raw material to manufacture composite film. Our different product shapes according to customer's performance requirements, providing customers for ethylene oxide, cobalt-60 radiation, high-temperature steam sterilization methods ziplock bag, roll bags, folding (roll) bags, flat bags, three-dimensional in sealed bags, more than ten kinds of categories, hundreds of specifications. Quality packaging bags products not only have good sealing and stripping effect, but also has good bacteria barrier and sterilization effect, to ensure customers' products from sterilization to packaging opened no fouling. Products are mainly used for medical gauze, surgical supplies (equipment), medical catheters, sterile cotton swab (the ball) and ophthalmology, dental equipment sterilization packaging products directly sold worldwide
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