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2.the indicator’s color has significant change and no change back; the intial blue will turn into black based on steam sterilization method; and will turn brown from intial pink based on ETO sterilization method;
3. the three sided explosion-proof can efficiently prevent the pouch from bursting;
4. the transparent compound film can show what inside the pouch clearly in order to reduce errors.
5 .Apply to hospital, clinic and laboratory’s sterilization; and also apply to the disinfection of beauty products or family high-temperature;
6. Apply to both ETO sterilization and STEAM sterilization;
7. The sharp part of equipment should be put contrary to the peel side to ensure safety use;
8. Tear off the release paper aside the tangent line, seal the pouch and mark the sterilization time, contents and usage etc.
9.The clear area with temperature below 25°C and humidity below 60% is recommended, the valid period will be 6 months after sterilizing.
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